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About Tip-Top Molds


Tip-Top Molds & Products Co., Ltd. is good at the mold designing and mold making for Auto Unscrewing Plastic Mold, Automotive Plastic Molds, 2-shot Plastic Mold, Overmold.

Tip-Top Molds have a young, skilled and happy team with over 10 years experience on export molds.
Tip-Top Molds advantages are quick response, on-time delivery with outstanding quality, at a reasonable price!
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Mold Design
  • Pre-Design Meeting

    Before Tip-Top Molds begin with the mold design, Tip-Top Molds would have a meeting to grasp customer’s requests, analyze the features of the part, find out the problems, then come up with a structural proposal for the mold design.

  • Mold Design Stage

    A DMF with the PL lines, Sliders, Lifters, Gating will be given to our customers, after approved , Tip-Top Molds would begin with a full 3D mold design. If needed, a Mold-flow report will be given. Meanwhile, the T0 date would be given to customers in accordance.

Mold Demo

  • Mold Design
  • Mold Design
  • Mold Design
Key Components

Key components would be purchased from some global companies to guarantee mold quality and lifetime.

Key Components
Mold Making Process
  • Pre-Machining Meeting

    Pre-Machining Meeting

    Before Tip-Top Molds cut steel, Tip-Top Molds will have a meeting to discuss the machining process emphatically, then to find a preferred solution of injection mold making to make sure machining precision and improve processing efficiency.

  • Weekly Progress

    Weekly Progress

    To make sure the mold making process is controlled well, a Mold Management System are used for quantification management. Our people can know and update project information in time. A weekly progress report with some pictures will be sent to our customers to show the update mold making status.

Weekly Report
Machining Methods
Some Specialized Equipments

Some details like chamfers, venting slots, thread tapping, and mold fitting are done by some spe-cialized equipments, like CNC, tapping machine and spotting machine, to guarantee machining precision.

Quality Control
  • Tip-Top Molds is ISO 9001 certified.

    Tip-Top Molds is ISO 9001 certified.

    Various measuring equipments,like full-automatic CMM, projector, hardness meter, height gauge and calliper,are used to verify if the steel or components meet the tolerance throughout all processes of mold making. All electrodes will be measured before being used, to make sure they are correct dimensionally.

  • After mold trial, samples will be submitted with a full dimensional CMM report.

    Inspection Report for Steel Inspection Report for Part
  • Tool Check Before Shipment

    After the mold is approved to be shipped, Tip-Top Molds will have the final mold trial to check if the mold action is smooth, and check if all components and their identifications are completed. Then a mold check report will be offered with the mold, also a CD including Mold Trial video, Certificate of Material, Heat Treatment Certificate, CMM Report, Molding Process, Hot Runner Drawing and Mold Design will be offered.

    Pre-shipment Mold Check List
Customer Sayings
  • The customer from the US said:
    Tip Top mold has been my preferred Chinese mold maker since they first open their doors in 2005. They have designed and built many molds for me from one cavity to thirty-two cavity. Tip Top management and engineering team always show a high level of professionalism with a Can-Do attitude. I would strongly recommend Tip Top Mold for all your mold making needs.

  • The customer from the US said:
    Iris, we received the final parts from the B490 tools today and I believe these are some of the best parts you’ve done so far!!!! They go together perfect and the finish is absolutely amazing!!! Wow…..great job once AGAIN!!!! Thank you so much for making my jobs much easier!!! Please let your team know that we greatly appreciate the hard work put into the B490, B513, B523 B516, B519 & B464 projects over the last year!! I look forward to the next projects to see how good they look!!! I have no doubt they will be perfect! Thank you again!!

  • The customer from Germany said
    Tip Top Molds has long been one of my most reliable mold suppliers in China. We have ordered more than 30 injection molds for my clients in Germany since the foundation of our business relationship in 2009. The value for money, delivery and the delivery speed is really impressive.

  • The customer from Germany said:
    We started the cooperation with Tip Top Molds in the year 2009. Since this time we have ordered more than 100 injection molds, and prototype molds. The basically reason from Tip Top Molds, is to learn the technology from Germany customer very fast. Dear Iris, many thanks for your great technical support and your fast reliable answering for all questions and all quote request.


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